JUMP One to One Mentoring Program

What is the JUMP program?

JUMP is a strengths-based individual program in the form of a workbook. It is designed for a child or young person to work through with a wellbeing worker (e.g. school chaplain or youth worker). JUMP addresses five key areas, aiming to develop necessary skills, resilience and a positive sense of identity.  The JUMP program is made up of 40 standalone activities, each designed to take 15-20 minutes to complete. It is recommended that this program be delivered in 20- 30 minute sessions once a week for a year. However, the delivery of this program is flexible depending on the needs of the school and its young people. JUMP is made up of 5 key topics, with 8 activities in each topic. 

The program encourages students to dream big, set goals, and work in teams, and equips students with basic fundamental skills to navigate life’s various challenges.

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Establishing a purpose, having a purpose or attaching a purpose to something can motivate an individual to fulfil that purpose in their life, a purpose to learning, a purpose to being kind. 

Emotion Regulation

These activities focus on developing a positive sense of identity by exploring how individuals think about themselves, their self-worth and their strengths.


This topic focuses on promoting emotional literacy, regulation and coping strategies. These activities help to develop the young person’s ability to recognise and respond appropriately to their own emotions and the emotions of others. 

What is included

With every purchase of the JUMP program

Facilitator Guide

A simple facilitator guide that is easy to follow and helps guide you to facilitate the JUMP program in school

Unlimited Students

Once your school has purchased the JUMP program, you have unlimited access to use the student booklet as many times as you want.


Our admin staff are always ready to hear if you have any questions in regards to the JUMP program and open to feedback so we can develop our programs


All JUMP resources come in a digital format sent directly to the school contact. This makes it easier and minimizes our paper trail.

Training Video

Simple and straight forward videos that outline each week and resources.


Survey templates provided so you can see the outcomes and changes in your students success. 
Interested in the JUMP program? 
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